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Single AIR-ZENITH OB1 Compressor Wiring Diagram
Wiring diagram for single OB1 compressor with Air-Zenith 80A relay and Air-Zenith adjustable pressure switch.

Dual AIR-ZENITH OB1 Compressor Wiring Diagram
Wiring diagram for dual OB1 Compressors with Air-Zenith 80A Relay and Air-Zenith 200PSI Pressure Switch.

About Continuous Duty Power Relay
If your compressor has melted your relay make sure the relay is a 100% duty (can remain energized continuously without harm). DO NOT confuse this for a STARTER SOLENOID!!! Starter solenoids are not made to stay on for more than a few seconds, not continuous, so they will burn out! NOTE: The relay must be no smaller than 80amp!

All connections must be solid and firm (also clean of any paint rust or corrosion). The ground must be on a solid structural member of your automobile. Something that can handle high current loads.

Your power wire for one compressor must be no smaller than 6AWG.

You must have an inline fuse in your system a good quality 70amp ANL fuse is recommended. But no larger than 100amp per compressor (fuse must equal to or smaller than the ratting of the relay you have in use).

AIR-ZENITH OB2 Compressor Wiring Diagram
Air-Zenith OB2 Compressor comes with factory pre-installed 80A relay with prewired relay socket. Connect Pressure Switch (+) to YELLOW, Battery (+) to RED, and compressor ground wire to vehicle chassis (use large nuts and bolts for good grounding). CAUTIONS: DO NOT REMOVE OR ALTER FACTORY RELAY NOR RELAY SOCKET! OR WARRANTY VOIDED!!

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