Slam Specialties 8-switch Controller


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Air-Zenith is proud to introduce Slam Specialties MC.1-SS 8-Switch Controller. A microprocessor controlled, solid state switchbox and receiver for your air ride control. Compact and lightweight design coupled with fast, intelligent response provides precise manual control at any time.

Slam Specialties Coil Saver Technology also saves your valve coils from overheating by actively monitoring the conditions of the system to safeguard against unintentional “stuck on” conditions. Modular construction also allows for convenient vehicle integration and easy removal for security, and One-wire communication makes for flexible and comfortable operation.

At just 3.725″ long by 1.775″ wide, it’s about the same size as a business card, and only .425″ thin.

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Dimensions 3.725 × 1.775 × .425 in


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